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Canterbury English is a program that specializes in TEFL certification and generating a love for teaching English. Over the years Canterbury English has become known as one of the best TEFL programs because of its “LEARN BY DOING” and “GET PAID FOR DOING” philosophies that benefit participants both during and after the course.


One of the requirements of the TEFL course is that students teach forty practice hours. Many TEFL programs expect these hours to be internship hours. In contrast, Canterbury pays students for these forty hours of effort.

Another distinguishing feature of Canterbury English is that students´ TEFL certifications include twenty hours each of ESL geared towards business professionals and children. This opportunity helps students by making them more valuable to prospective employers in the ESL market.


Even though a Canterbury TEFL course in and of itself is enough to prepare a student for success, Canterbury offers alls graduates the option of working with Canterbury English during the summer and school year.  In doing so, students avoid the difficult job search that many people must endure in Spain, which has an unemployment rate of 12%.

While teaching English (ESL), teachers in Madrid are paid anywhere from 10-20 euros an hour. The exact wage depends on numerous conditions including the size of the class, whether the class is general ESL or one of the more specific modules, and teacher experience.

Canterbury also recognizes that program graduates may have a desire to teach ESL somewhere other than the Canterbury English program. Still, as a Canterbury graduate, individuals can receive classes in self-promoting and marketing, resume writing and interviewing.

Canterbury takes pride in all of its students and makes it a priority to offer all program participants and alumni the best resources possible for a successful career in teaching English and ESL.



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