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Program DetailsCanterbury English offers TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses that start on the first or second Monday of every month and are four days a week (M-Th). Successful completion of the course requires 120 total class hours. These hours are equally divided among TEFL theory, Application of Theory and Paid Practice Teaching. Application of Theory is further divided into two twenty hour modules; one with a Business orientation and one geared towards teaching Children.

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Class Schedule
9:30am-12pm      Theory
12:30pm-3pm      Application of Theory (Children’s on M/W, Business on T/Th)
5:30pm-9pm        “In the Field” Paid Practice Hours Teaching English

The classroom aspects of the TEFL course last four weeks and cover a variety of particular topics. While students will receive a day by day outline of their course on the first day, below is a weekly outline, broken down by module, of topics that will be studied.

Week One:
            General TEFL:  Lesson Planning, Classroom Interaction
            Business: Meeting the Needs of an Adult Student
            Children’s: Teaching English to Children ages 3-7

Week Two:
            General TEFL: Classroom Mgmt, Learner Differences
            Business: Teaching Grammar to Adults
            Children’s: Teaching English to Children Ages 8-11

Week Three:
            General TEFL: Teaching Skills and Grammar
            Business: Teaching Business English
            Children’s: Grammar

Week Four:
            General TEFL: Business English, Technology
            Business & Children’s: Review and Presentations

Grading Assessment

TESL Theory Class:
TESL Business Class:
TESL Children Class:
Written Grammar Exam:
Written Practices Exam:
Teaching Evaluations:


The grading for this course is broken down into six sections. However, a student’s Final Teaching Evaluation counts for 25% of the final grade and the final grade cannot be any higher than the Teaching Evaluation grade by itself.

At the end of the course, students will receive official documentation proving course participation and completion, along with an individual report from Canterbury Madrid tracking the student’s performance.


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