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Canterbury Club SpainHave you ever danced Flamenco or seen the ruins of Segobriga? These are just two of the experiences that The Canterbury Club provides support to those participating in the Canterbury English TEFL (Teaching English) program. The Canterbury Club started in 1996 and from its first event has proved to be a hit among teachers, students and friends of Canterbury.

The Canterbury Club aims to create a family atmosphere that includes everyone associated with Canterbury and allow them to get a taste of the nightlife and general culture in Madrid and Spain when they are not teaching English or receiving classes. Some events are as local and simple as a get together at a local pub while others include trips to ancient Roman ruins outside of Madrid.

Every year, the Canterbury Club hosts events to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas with Potluck dinners and parties. While these events are considered a tradition, there are always new events being planned! In the past the Martini Cocktail Party and the Saturday Barbeque and Bullfight have drawn large crowds, in addition to many other events.

Whether the Canterbury family is taking a break from teaching English and traveling to the Spanish country side or enjoying a Mahou or two in the Puerta del Sol, they are always discovering and participating in one of the most famed cultures in the world. The best part is, the Canterbury family is always growing and looking to help more people understand the enchanting Spanish culture.


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